Special Friends are Precious

Special Friends are Precious


Front: Special Friends are Precious

Inside: We have cared for and loved one another for a long time.

Together, you and I have shared some very important parts of life's experiences... The good and the not so good. Holding onto one another and making it through it all.

That's just what special friends do.

Without any doubt, I've always known that i could depend on you for anything. We've trusted each other with some of our most private and personal parts of life. I've always felt secure in doing so.

Now I need to share another most intimate part of my life with you, and I need you to be the friend you've always been - Loving, Caring and Supportive.

That's just what special friends do.


I'm involved with someone I care deeply about. This person makes me very happy in a way I've never experienced before. What makes this relationship so very special and unique is... this someone is the same gender as myself.

Although it would be great, I'm not asking you to understand, but I do want you to be happy for me. Because of our friendship, your love, acceptance and support matter to me.

That's just what friends do.

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