Regardless of their gender

Regardless of their gender


Front: When I realized I could have romantic attraction to a person regardless of their gender, it was absolutely profound to me.

Inside: Initially, I felt very confused, as if there was something wrong with me. It certainly didn't help that my behavior is looked upon as promiscuous. I know that is not who I am.

It didn't help that my behavior is looked upon as though I'm confused about whom I want to be with. Life was very chaotic.


I tried people-pleasing by lying. I covered up the truth. Then I accepted that I'm just different from most. I'm bisexual!

I finally understood who I am. I've accepted that I have feelings for men and women. These feelings are not just passionate. They are genuine and loving.

This revelation has allowed me to experience the beauty in having meaningful and fulfilling relationships. I have the capability of loving a person for who they are, regardless of their sex.

I embrace my bisexuality and my heart to love a person, regardless of their gender. What I've found to be most beautiful is that I'm completely devoted to whomever I'm in love with.

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