One part of me

One part of me


Front: Please don't miss all of who I am... Just because you don't understand one part of me

Inside: I just thought you should know that there is so much more to me than my sexuality. I'm a loving and caring human being.

Like everyone else, I get excited while watching the Super Bowl. Yes, I do cry when I see a movie that pulls at my heart strings.

Like everyone else, I celebrate the birth of a new born baby and I'm saddened when someone I care for passes away. Actually I'm pretty intelligent, thoughtful, generous, forgiving and always try to be kind to others.

Like everyone else, I'm a very special child of God. The energy that I possess is full of God's goodness, mercy and love.


Please... Please... Don't miss out on all of who I am just because you don't understand one part of me.

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