My Luggage Got Mixed Up

My Luggage Got Mixed Up


Front: Oops.... My Luggage Got Mixed Up

Inside: I'm not sure what happened or why it happened to me. But it all started when I was placed in the wrong dressing room. I knew it was trouble when I noticed the interior was blue instead of pink.

In the bathroom, there was nothing to site on, just a strange object bolted on the wall that I absolutely refuse to touch.

My California closet was the worst. Having suits instead of gowns... Ties instead of scarves. I was given sneakers instead of high heels, cologne instead of perfume, toothpicks instead of lipstick.

What completely had me clutching my pearls, that I still hadn't seen yet... A wallet instead of my line of matching pocket books... Topping it off were baseball caps instead of fierce wig collection.


Oh! Em! Gee!

I just had to get out of what for me was the twilight zone. Everything now has been disconnected, corrected, replaced and modified.

Thank goodness! I'm completely satisfied with my new and improved... What has always been... Me!

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