In Love with a Man

In Love with a Man


Front: I've Loved a Woman... Now I'm in Love with a Man

Inside: The first time I was married, it was to a woman. Secretly, there was always a part of me that felt as though I was closing the door on ever being completely happy. Yes, I did want children and yet, I love the woman I was with.

However, I do wonder how many other men and women had similar feelings... Yet still followed through and entered into the twilight zone.

In hindsight, I allowed the pressures of society and the fear if what I had suppressed to influence my decision to not be completely honest with both myself and others.

I will never do that again!


Living a lie caused me to hurt others unintentionally. For that I am sincerely sorry. I hope that one day those I love and those who love me will understand and forgive me.

Being true to myself and others has brought me a happiness that I never could have imagined.

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