Do my best

Do my best


Front: Dad, you may struggle with this and I will do my best to understand why

Inside: You being proud of me has been an important goal of mine my whole life. There was always another struggle going on inside of me. The more I tries to ignore and suppress it, the more it became my truth. My truth is not what I struggle with, Dad. My truth being accepted by you has been my biggest struggle.

You see, Dad, I've always admired the kind of man and father you've been. The role model you epitomized has always made me proud to say, "That's my dad." You always raised me to be the kind of son you would be proud of. So the idea of my disappointing you has sadly been a huge burden on me.


I am and will always be proud to be the son of a great man. I am and will always be your son who wants you to be proud of the man I've grown into.

I'm your biggest fan Dad, and right now as you son, as difficult as it may be for you, I need your acceptance, support and love.

Your son... A good man... A proud man... A gay man.

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