Always known

Always known


Front: I have always known who I am

Inside: I've always been attracted to my same gender. It's that simple. My same gender is what does it for me,

As a young child, I didn't call it anything in particular or even know there was a label attached to people who felt me. Nevertheless, somehow I knew there was something taboo about my feelings.

This was my beginning of feeling different... Not understanding why... Because for me, the attraction I have to my same gender is perfectly natural.

People made me feel ashamed of who I was and often made me cry inside and out. What I felt was beautiful.


Just imaging what I go through. I don't understand how people can hate something that, for many people, is natural, beautiful and tender affection for another person.

Please don't hate people in life just because of the differences you may never understand. Just so you know, I have always known who I am.

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