A Big Mix up

A Big Mix up


Front: There Seems to Have Been a Big Mix up From the Very Beginning

Here's My Story

Inside: Chapter 1

I knew from the start of my life... As a child it was difficult to put into words what I was feeling and going through... You see, I had no control over what I knew was my normal or the power to do anything about it... Remember, I was a child, with no choice other than to keep this secret about me to me...

Some time ago, I had a distinct understanding of what had occurred... Then I discovered words that defined my feelings and I knew I was not crazy...

But, that's when it was the scariest and loneliest for me... You see, people close to me were using words that were mean and ugly... Words that completely contradicted what I was feeling. Whom would I try explaining this to and who would believe me? Even I knew it would be difficult to fathom the idea there could be such a mix up.


As I got older, I realized a few things... The first was that I was pretty much on my own. People would rather bury their heads in the sand instead of having a difficult conversation and practicing acceptance with things they may not understand...

Second, I realized this was my life... I was born in a bottle with a cap on it that others insisted I stay in... I was suffocating... I could not breathe.

Finally, I decided to live my life, the life that was given to me... I absolutely know who I am, what I am and most importantly, whose I am - a child of God. I can now breathe.

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